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Dear Starfish ROCKS followers,

To welcome the year 2011, online blog-shop have decided to revamp our image, thus we have already changed the Starfish ROCKS name to CRAFT & CLOSET with our tagline- The Art of Craft & Fashion

To live up to our new name, we will be combining both craft and fashion where there will be up-cycled & handmade accessories, handpainted & reconstructed (avant-garde / conventional) fashion, crafty products, mask-making service, preloved clothes and more!

We have also re-opened a new page on facebook; so please join us at Craft & Closet page.

We are still in the process of changes; however you are still welcome to join us as our 'follower' on our site and facebook page.

Cheers! Thanks for your support,

Yours truly,

Craft & Closet 2011


(Formerly known as Starfish ROCKS)

Accessories: Handmade Necklaces

SR’s hand-knotted necklace! We’re going into making sexy, hippy and funky long necklaces that would spun your look around! SR’s accessories are solely recon and upcycled with unique materials found!

Strung out


With dark blue and reddish-purple coloured beads
With an expressive ornament
Suitable for nice Sunday spag-strap, jeans and sandals

Price: RM36

Lock My Heart


With knotted silver string
With clear beads and slightly large pearls
For pendant; a green vintage piece from a vintage bracelet hooked to small silver padlock

Price: RM49.90


Holy Child


With pure white beads and clear rhinestones that are almost diamond-like
With tiny strands of pearls twirling around the necklace
Clean white ribbon attached for tying at the back of your neck

Price: RM49.90

Painted & Personalized Masquerade Masks

Colours used are grandeous colours like Gold, Silver & Copper Red.
But of course we try to diversify more and explore all sorts of designs, although we can never run away from being inspired by Venetian masks and fantasy depictions.

Painted & Personalized Mask Service
Order your mask made specially for you:

- Design not repeated
- Custom made to your style
- May include sample of design as reference
- Custom made for Special Occasions: Dinners, halloween, costume parties, gifts or personalization, decorative, etc.
- Orders must be made 2 & 1/2 weeks before deadline

Price: RM35 onwards (depending on design, colours and intricacy)

Please email starfishrockshop@gmail.com for enquiries.
If interested, please fill in order form with contact number and we will get back to you asap to discuss further on your orders.

[Sample used at Annual Dinner event themed "Masquerade"]

As seen before at:

These masks were also used and created previously for Starfish ROCK's first fashion show: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47225445@N07/sets/72157623559747403/

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