We're Moving!

Dear Starfish ROCKS followers,

To welcome the year 2011, online blog-shop have decided to revamp our image, thus we have already changed the Starfish ROCKS name to CRAFT & CLOSET with our tagline- The Art of Craft & Fashion

To live up to our new name, we will be combining both craft and fashion where there will be up-cycled & handmade accessories, handpainted & reconstructed (avant-garde / conventional) fashion, crafty products, mask-making service, preloved clothes and more!

We have also re-opened a new page on facebook; so please join us at Craft & Closet page.

We are still in the process of changes; however you are still welcome to join us as our 'follower' on our site and facebook page.

Cheers! Thanks for your support,

Yours truly,

Craft & Closet 2011


(Formerly known as Starfish ROCKS)

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